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Springfield has a strong history of successful customer service call centers. Expedia, T-Mobile, Chase Card Services, ANPAC, AT&T, and TeleTech all operate significant, well-performing centers with more than 5,000 total employees. The call center market in the Springfield region is well-suited for any business dealing in specialized customer service and other back office operations. Health care, financial services, and technical support are all very viable options in the Springfield market.

Featured Buildings


Former Metropolitan National Bank Operations Center


3340 E. Cherry Street | Springfield, MO 65802
SIZE: 22,718 sq. ft.
SALE: $3.8 M
NOTES: Stand alone, two-story building | Floor plan accommodates nearly 100 cubicle stations | IT space with server room | plug and play capable

Frisco Office Building


3253 E. Chestnut Expressway | Springfield, MO 65802
SIZE:  62,800sq. ft. (50k on one floor)
LEASE: $10-$12 per sq. ft., NNN
NOTES: Ample parking | great location on US65 (Chestnut Expressway Exit) | Food service | Fitness Facility | Meeting Rooms

Market Information

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Map of Springfield Call Center Operations
Springfield’s Telecommunications Capabilities

Existing Call Center Facilities

Company Industry Metro Area
Chase Card Credit Card 1,500
TeleTech Technical Support 950
Expedia, Inc. | Financial Operations/IT 950
T-Mobile USA Telecommunications 800
AT&T Billing 635
Gold Mountain Communications Inbound Sales – Travel 450
Bass Pro Shops Catalog – Retail 200
American National Insurance 200
Corporate Technologies Advantage Sales & Support Services 200
Gannett Financial Operations 200
Capital Resorts Outbound Sales – Travel 142
Sunrise Service Associates Inbound & Outbound Sales 130

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