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Springfield Major Employers

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Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2016

In the last decade, Springfield’s gross metro product had almost 35% growth.

The GMP (Gross Metro Product) of Springfield is more than the combined GNP (Gross National Product) of the countries of Iceland and St. Lucia.

Report of the Current Economic Conditions

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Source: University of Creighton, National Association of Purchasing Management

Licensed Businesses

Restaurants (all) 629
Service stations 24
Retail merchants 1,409
Apartments 2,343
Loan companies, brokers, agents 69
Theaters 5
Auto dealers (new & used) 166
Manufacturers 140
Hotels & Motels 66
Nurseries or daycare 52
Real estate broker/sales 85

The above list is only a sample of business categories in the City of Springfield and does not encompass all issued business licenses. For more information please contact the City of Springfield (417-864-1000) or search for business licenses on their website.

Source: City of Springfield, Finance Department, License Division, March, 2017

Business Owners & Self-Employed Persons

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Source: USDC, Bureau of the Census, Survey of Business Owners


Source: City of Springfield, Building Development Services; Greene County, Building Regulation, 2015 (new construction only)