Nixa is the “Crossroads to the Ozarks,” and your Gigabit City destination.  Just minutes from both Springfield and Branson, Nixa is one of southwest Missouri’s fastest growing cities. Located in Christian County — the 44th fastest growing county in the United States — Nixa has postured itself wisely with infrastructure investments and a can-do attitude that supports and sustains community and regional economic opportunities.Nixa_Intersection14_160

In 2015, Nixa was recognized as southwest Missouri’s first Gigabit City with fiber connection availability for speeds of 1 Gigabit throughout the community. With its top-notch schools, Nixa ranks among the top places in Missouri to live as well as work. The fact that Christian County is growing faster than any other county in 30 states speaks volumes about Nixa’s future growth potential.

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Nixa’s Data

Population | 22,925
Current Unemployment Rate | 2.8% (Christian County)
Current Total Workforce | 48,672 (Christian County)

Source: JobsEQ, July 2023

Top Employers



Nixa School District 697
Walmart 287
City of Nixa 125
Diversified Plastics Corp 124
Christian Health Care of Nixa 70
Aire-Master of America 67
Ample Industries 56
Nixa Hardware 55
Mercy Clinic 52
Bass Pro Fabrication 47
Ozarks Community Hospital 45
Southern Bank 40
Accurate Mold and Plastics 24

Nixa Public Schools

Enrollment 6,391
Graduation Rate 93.5%
ACT Composite Average 22.3
Free and Reduced Lunch 24.7%

Source: Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, 2022



Nixa provides to its community all utility services except natural gas. Missouri Gas and Energy (Laclede) delivers gas. Nixa purchases its energy from Southwest Power Administration (SPA) and Springfield City Utilities; it owns and operates its electric transmission and distribution system. The city’s water source is groundwater drawn from eight wells tapped into a deep aquifer ranging from 1,251 feet to 1,700 feet in depth. A 4.1 million-gallon-per-day wastewater system currently services 1.3 MGD within the city and general vicinity.


Nixa is a “GIGABIT” city. Suddenlink, the city’s cable and telecommunications provider, is capable of providing gigabit speeds to virtually the entire community. Its recent fiber installation investment serves each and every industrial building within the city’s industrial park. In addition, Sho-Me and KAMO own and operate fiber utilities throughout the community for commercial and industrial business use.