Distribution & Logistics


Located in the center of the country, the Springfield Region is home to the headquarters of Prime Trucking, Inc. and over 40 trucking terminals that take advantage of I-44 to move goods to and from the Southwest U.S. and the East Coast, as well as US 60 to the Southeast U.S.  The region’s central location offers connectivity to major highway and interstate corridors that make it possible to move products and goods in every direction.

Highway and Interstate Connectivity

The Springfield Region, in partnership with MODOT, has completed nearly a dozen interchange reconstruction projects in the last ten years.  Most recently, the US 60/65 interchange in southeast Springfield underwent a rebuild that not only significantly improved traffic flow, but enhanced safety and provides greater accessibility for businesses, residents, and visitors from across the Springfield 10-county region.

Distribution Centers

Many companies manage significant distribution centers from within the Springfield Region including Kraft Heinz, SRC Logistics, McLane, O’Reilly Auto Parts, John Deere Reman, and Bass Pro Shops, all of which operate from various locations such as the Springfield Underground which boasts more than 3 million square feet under roof.

Additionally, John Deere Reman, whose reman division is headquartered in the Springfield Region, manages distribution out of their Core Center facility located in Strafford, Missouri.

FedEx continues to make strategic investments in the Springfield Region.  After having expanded their FedEx Freight facility in past years, they opened a significantly expanded ground FedEx Ground facility in 2016.