Data Centers

Reliable, low-cost power, combined with a low natural disaster risk, create an ideal climate for data center and collocation operations in the Springfield Region.  Not only is Southwest Missouri low-risk for seismic activity, tornadoes, floods, terrorism attacks, and other potential disasters, the Springfield Region specifically has two marquee data center locations that feature underground, hardened facilities that are environmentally sustainable with a consistent temperature, and thus a constant level of power used. With both power and safety stability, these facilities are prime locations, allowing for optimal up time and minimal risk of business interruptions.

Bluebird Underground

Located 85-feet below ground, Bluebird Underground has nearly 60,000 square feet of collocation data center space in a unique underground location that offers not only security from natural disasters and intrusion, but also controls heating and other environmental issues. Surrounded by solid limestone, the facility features the necessary infrastructure to house mission-critical computer operations within a naturally hardened environment.  The facility is powered by a dedicated underground substation feed, backed up by two (2) MW generators and 4 separate battery banks, while a redundant infrastructure ensures continuous operations during a natural or unnatural event.

Bluebird Underground has begun construction to add over 16,000 sq. ft. of raised floor space to accommodate the growing demand for data center and hosting services.

Download additional information on Bluebird Underground or take a virtual tour.

The Mountain Complex

The Mountain Complex is a secure data center housed inside one of the largest mountains in the Ozarks. Located in Branson, Missouri, the Mountain Data Center is managed by banking software and technology firm Jack Henry & Associates, and is impervious to wind, rising water, and other natural events. The facility touts a thick roof and walls, split-bolt stabilization, and uniform column spacing created from the mining of a dolomite quarry. Ultra secure and self-contained, the Mountain Data Center has its own dedicated infrastructure including on-site power generation, ground-source cooling, high-output water wells, and onsite treatment facilities.  Environmentally responsible energy is provided by White River Valley Electric Cooperative which uses hydroelectric, wind, combined-cycle, natural gas and low-sulfur coal to provide low-cost power.  In fact, the electric coop is currently constructing a 100MW substation on the grounds along with the nation’s sixth fully redundant power ring around the perimeter, making The Mountain the only data center in the U.S. served in this capacity.

Average Electric Rates

cost per kWh
Springfield, Missouri $0.0710
Indianapolis, Indiana $0.0731
Nashville, Tennessee $0.0765
Phoenix, Arizona $0.0794
Austin, Texas $0.0816
Jacksonville, Florida $0.0971
Branson, Missouri $0.1000
Los Angeles, California $0.1333

Source: Memphis Rate Survey, 2015

Data Center Incentives

The Data Center Sales Tax Exemption Program provides financial incentives to both new and existing data centers in Missouri, making it easier to access property tax abatement for real and personal property.  The incentive also provides sales tax relief on power and equipment purchases.

Learn more about this incentive here.

Communications Services

The Springfield Region enjoys a comprehensive suite of communications services provided by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Business, Qwest, and nontraditional carriers such as SpringNet, a division
of Springfield’s municipally owned utility company. These providers actively respond to increasing bandwidth demands with Metro Ethernet, Switched Ethernet, and Wide area Ethernet solutions. Communications services are designed to adapt and grow over time so that companies may take advantage of emerging technologies that will sharpen their competitive edge.