Trade Support Resources

Whether you are a seasoned international trader or just getting started, you will need quick access to handy resources such as:

  • Education and Training
  • Logistics
  • Export Finance

Education and Training

Every venture needs a starting point. The Small Business & Technology Development Center at Missouri State University offers regular seminars on various international trade topics. The Chamber’s International Business Council and the Greater Ozarks International Trade Association also provide presentations on issues affecting global trade.


Global logistics and distribution; supply chain management; how do you ship your products from Point A to Point B? Tap into national and statewide expertise to assist you in your planning. For your  needs, there are members of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce that are available to assist you.

Export Finance

Familiarize yourself with the various state and federal government programs designed to help your company finance its export transactions.

Trade Advocacy

The Chamber supports international trade policies that:

  • Encourage economic development in southwest Missouri
  • Reduce trade barriers
  • Protect U.S. intellectual property
  • Eliminate unfair trade practices
  • Encourage efficient international trade assistance programs through cooperation and coordination among local, state and federal agencies

The Chamber supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement with the vibrant Asia-Pacific region. To find out more about these and other legislative issues related to international trade, visit the U.S. Chamber.