BUILD Missouri

Businesses use incentives for large-scale developments, and BUILD Missouri provides a financial incentive for the location or expansion of large business projects in the area. The program offers refundable state income tax credits for large economic development projects through a system where a company issues bonds that are then paid for by the company in order to trigger a tax credit.  Benefits are provided to companies creating 100 manufacturing jobs and investing $15 million in capital or companies creating 500 office jobs and investing $10 million in capital.

How it’s Used

The funding provided by this program may be used to finance public or private infrastructure or to support the project or the new capital improvements to the business.

Application Criteria

Companies in the following industries are eligible for application:

  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Assembly
  • Research and development
  • Agricultural processing
  • Services in interstate commerce
    • Must invest a minimum of $15 million or $10 million for office industries

Other application requirements include:

  • Minimum of 100 new jobs for eligible economic development project employees
  • Minimum of 500 new jobs if the economic development project is an office industry
  • Minimum of 200 new jobs if the economic development project is an office industry in a distressed community