New Airline Service Coming to Springfield Airport

By: Rachael Mhire | 11 years ago

Beginning October 31 Allegiant begins flying non-stop from Springfield to Punta Gorda, Florida. Punta Gorda is about a 30-minute drive north of Ft. Meyers.

With this addition Allegiant now provides the Springfield airport with non-stop service to six destinations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa, and now, Fort Myers/Punta Gorda.

“The addition of this new service is very good news — especially in light of what’s happening to communities across the country, as airlines reduce and cut service,” says Brian Weiler, director of aviation at the Springfield airport. “The addition of new service, on a low-cost airline, tells me the Springfield air market is strong.”

Allegiant began its Springfield service in 2005; providing low-cost fares to just one place: Las Vegas. In June of that year Allegiant flew 3,600 Springfield passengers. Fast forward to June of this year — the airline flew 20,900 Springfield passengers. Allegiant has grown from being Springfield’s smallest airline, when measured by passengers, to being the second largest. In total over 750,000 passengers flew Springfield in 2012, up 3% from 2011.

“In the process of becoming our second largest carrier, Allegiant has raised customer awareness — in the past eight years more and more people are discovering it is possible to fly from Springfield for less than Tulsa, Kansas City, or St. Louis,” says Kent Boyd, Springfield airport marketing director. “When a community has strong air service, and competitive fares, everyone wins.”

The Springfield airport has service from three other airlines: American, Delta, and United, with an average of 23 daily flights to major hubs Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver.