Springfield Ranks Among Top 100 Best-Performing Large Cities

By: Rachael Mhire | 7 years ago

In December 2016, the Springfield metropolitan area was No. 53 in the Milken Institute’s listing of Best-Performing Large Cities.  This index provides an “objective benchmark for examining the underlying factors and identifying unique characteristics of economic growth” in metros across the country.  Using fact-based metrics including job creation, wage gains, and technology developments, the Milken Institute evaluated the relative growth of the metropolitan areas.  As the organization reported, while national and international patterns affect near-term performance, and to some extent are beyond a region’s control, the top-performing metros have cohesive strategies that allow them to distinguish themselves from others.

Of the areas examined, the Springfield metro fared best in the category of High-tech GDP growth from 2010-2015, ranking 5th among the 200 large cities evaluated.

Access the 2016 Best-Performing Cities full report from the Milken Institute here.